Boosting Revenue Cycle Productivity
January 14th, 2020

Coding Backlogs:
Is your DNFC (Discharged Not Final Coded) < 0.5 Days of Revenue? Do you have a Coding Bench to fall back on by enlisting the help of an outsourced overflow vendor during times of high volume? Do you utilize Computer Assisted Coding (CAC) as a way to help guide the coding process?

Insurance Follow-Up Allocation:
Are your Insurance A/R Follow-Up Representatives properly allocated at 1,000-1,500 accounts per representative for all Commercial and Managed Care accounts and 1,800-2,250 accounts per representative for all Government Payers? Do you have a way of tracking their account work on a daily basis? Is there an automated reminder system in place to populate their work queues?

Registrations per Hour:
In Patient Access, do you track the Registrations per Hour for each Representative? For all of those representatives who are more accurate and efficient, are they scheduled for the higher-volume shifts?

Customer Service Calls per Day:
Are you able to track the number of calls per day your Customer Service Department receives related to billing? Are the Customer Service Representatives trained on how to facilitate every payment option and how to collect from patients? Do you track average speed to answer, average hold time, call durations, and abandonment rates to ensure the proper scheduling allocations of representatives is in place from a workforce management perspective?

Accounts Billed Per Day by Biller:
Are you able to track the number of accounts billed per day by biller? For those billers who are more accurate and efficient, have you allocated them to bill the higher-complexity claims?